From NYC Tourism:

On September 5, 1882 the first Labor Day parade was held in New York City.
Twenty thousand workers marched in a parade up Broadway. After the parade there
were picnics all around the city. Workers and celebrants ate Irish stew,
homemade bread and apple pie. At night, fireworks were set off. Within the next
few years, the idea spread from coast to coast, and all states celebrated Labor
Day. In 1894, Congress voted it a federal holiday.

What a glorious history. Like most important dates in American history, this weekend will be full of shopping and bumming around as back-to-school sales abound and the weather is warm enough to eat and be merry.

I will be enjoying the 41st annual West Indian Carnival Festival and other events. While there is an official website, people around the city will be cooking up West Indian food instead of just ribs and burgers.

Enjoy the day and be easy!


Anonymous said...

I was on the Parkway today as well. Just got home about 30 minutes ago and am sooooo exhausted. Hope you enjoyed your weekend.